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  Ministry: Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Address:12 Floor, Kaguvi Building, Central Avenue
Private Bag 7753
Causeway, Harare
Contact: Mrs. M. Sangarwe
Position: Secretary for Environment & Tourism
Tel: (263-4) 748541/ 751 720-2 Cell: 263 0919343336
Fax: (263) 4 748541 / 757877 / 770027
Email: ozone@ecoweb.co.zw
Contact: Mr. George Chaumba
Tel: (263-4) 701 681-3
Cell: 263) 11610994
Fax: (263 4) 252 673
Email: gchaumba@yahoo.com , ozone@ecoweb.co.zw
Methyl Bromide Trend Analysis
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Methyl Bromide Usage Sector

The tobacco sector used 500 tons of methyl bromide per year in tobacco seedling production. This is about 66& of the total usage for the whole country

The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) with a total storage capacity for five million tons handles all durable including groundnuts, wheat, sugar, beans, soybeans, rice, sorghum and sunflower. Fumigation of commodities was done under gas-proof sheets at the rate of 30gm methyl bromide per ton for 48 hours. Channels are opened at the top of the stacks and placing flat sheets and delivery piping in the channels. The calculated dose of MB is delivered, from a weighed cylinder suspended on a scale, to the layflats via the piping system. At the end of the time period operators remove the sheets from the stacks at selected places and leave it for a period for airing. Halide test are done to assist in determining when adequate airing has occurred then all sheets are removed from the stack. The ground around the stack is again sprayed using actellic to complete the fumigation process.



Approved Methyl bromide Multilateral Funds Projects
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Ratification Status
Instrument Ratification Status Action in Progress
Vienna Convention (1985) 11/3/1992    
Montreal Protocol (1987) 11/3/1992    
London Amendment (1990) 6/3/1994    
Copenhagen Amendment (1992) 6/3/1994    
Montreal Protocol (1997)   Not ratified  
Beijing Amendment (1999)   Not ratified  
Ozone Depleting Substance Regulation Status

Environment Management Act 2004

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