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  Ministry: Ministry of Urban Affairs and Environment (MINUA)
Address: Edificio Atlantico No. 30, 4 de Fevereiro Avenue
BP 10566
Contact: Mr. Joao da Costa Vintem
Position: National Director of Environment
(Official Focal Point of the Montreal protocol)
Tel: (+244 9) 23 194 68
Fax :( +244 2) 231 310 622
E-mail: vintem42@hotmail.com, minua@snet.co.ao
Contact: Mr. Tango Formoso
Tel : (+244 9) 23 194 66 Mobile : 923 401829
Fax :(+244 2) 231 310 622
E-mail : tangoformoso@yahoo.com.br
Methyl Bromide Trend Analysis
  Methyl Bromide is not consumed in Angola
Methyl Bromide Usage Sector

A national survey conducted in 2002, indicated that the current consumption of methyl bromide is nil. However, MB has been used in Angola traditonally in Agriculture (soil-sterilization, grain-storage) as well as in the fishing sector (fishmeal storage)

Current consumption as of 2002 was zero due to the complete collapse of Angola's intensive agricultural production as a result of the 25 years civil war. Prior to war, MB was used for soil sterilization in horticulture sector around Angola's bigger towns of Luanda, Benguela, Lobito and Lubango. MB was also used as fumigant for staorage of grains and fishmeal. It is therefore very likely, that with the growth of agricultural production (resulting from the current stability) a significant increase in MB consumption could be expected. Country has not ratified Copenhagen Amendment therefore has not received any assistance from the MLF to carry out awareness activities on MB phase-out.

Approved Methyl bromide Multilateral Funds Projects
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Ratification Status
Instrument Ratification Status Action in Progress
Vienna Convention (1985) 5/17/2000    
Montreal Protocol (1987) 5/17/2000    
London Amendment (1990)   Not Ratified  
Copenhagen Amendment (1992)   Not Ratified Adopted in Parliament
Montreal Protocol (1997)   Not Ratified  
Beijing Amendment (1999)   Not Ratified Adopted in Parliament, awaiting ratification by November 2003
Ozone Depleting Substance Regulation Status

Preparation of ODS regulations is underway including MB

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