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  Ministry: Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries & Environmental Affairs
Address: Private Bag 394
Lilongwe 3
Contact:Mr. R.P. Kabwaza
Position: Director
Tel: (265) 1 - 771 111
Fax: (265) 1 - 773 379
Telex: 45911
Email: outreach@sdnp.org.mw, rkabwaza@malawi.net, rkabwaza@sdnp.org.mw, ods@sdnp.org.mw
Methyl Bromide Trend Analysis
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Methyl Bromide Usage Sector

A very small percentage is used for QPS purposes.

Tobacco industry was the main user, about 111 tons per year for mainly soil fumigation. MB consumption has been phased out in this sector by December 2004

21 ODP tonnes used for grain storage is was also phased out in 2004

Approved Methyl bromide Multilateral Funds Projects
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Ratification Status
Instrument Ratification Status Action in Progress
Vienna Convention (1985) 1/9/1991    
Montreal Protocol (1987) 1/9/1991    
London Amendment (1990) 2/8/1994    
Copenhagen Amendment (1992) 2/28/1994    
Montreal Protocol (1997)   Not ratified  
Beijing Amendment (1999)   Not ratified  
Ozone Depleting Substance Regulation Status

Environment Management Act (EMA)

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