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Methyl Bromide Phase out under the Compliance Assistance Programme in the Africa Region

Since 1991, the UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) OzonAction Programme has strengthened the capacity of governments that are party to the Montreal Protocol, particularly National Ozone Units (NOUs), and Industry in developing countries to elaborate and enforce the policies required to implement the Protocol and make informed decisions about alternative technologies.

Recognizing the increased pressure for countries to meet compliance, UNEP OzonAction reoriented itself under the Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) which was approved by the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund in December 2001. This re-orientation features regional delivery of key services and project support needed by countries to meet specific compliance targets, and to ensure close, regular working contact with the countries. Under the mandate of the CAP is to ensure that countries achieve phase-out of the ozone depleting substances controlled under the protocol. One of these is a chemical called methyl bromide.

This site is intended to give a general overview of the methyl bromide phase-out in the Africa region, and will be updated as new pertinent information become available. It is not the intention of CAP Africa to provide definite forum on all issues which impact this matter, but to insure that accurate information is available to all interested parties. Please visit the links section of this site for other web perspectives on the phase-out.


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