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List of Decisions by the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Methyl Bromide

A. Decisions on Adjustments of Control Measures – Article 2 of the Montreal Protocol
1. Dec.IV/4 (and Annex II of MOP4), 1992, Copenhagen Amendment on MB ODP = 0.7 (OS2000, p.211)
2. Dec.VII/3 (and Annex III of MOP7), 1995, Vienna Adjustments on MB ODP = 0.6  and phase-out schedule for non-Article 5 Parties (OS2000, p. 91)
3. Dec.IX/3 (and Annex III, Part A of MOP9), 1997, Montreal Adjustments on further MB phase-out schedule for non-Article 5 Parties (OS2000, p. 91)
4. Dec. XI/4 (and Annex IV of MOP12), 1999, Beijing Adjustment on cap for production in Article 2 Parties for BDN of Article 5 Parties, clarified consequently by Decision XII/1 (OS2000, p. 92).

B.   Decisions on Methyl Bromide – Article 2 of the Montreal Protocol 
5. Dec.IV/23 1992, Request for a TEAP Study ((OS2000, p. 204)
6. Dec.VI/11 1994, Definition of QPS for non-Article 5 Parties only (OS2000, p. 110)
7. Dec.VI/13 1994, Request a TEAP Study on Alternatives (OS2000, p. 112)
8. Dec.VII/5 1995, Definition of QPS for all Parties (OS2000, p. 112)
9. Dec.VII/6 1995, MB emission reduction (OS2000, p. 112)
10. Dec.VII/8 1995, Review of MB controls (OS2000, p. 112)
11. DecVII/29 1995, Request a TEAP Report on the need for Critical Agricultural Uses (OS2000, p. 113)
12. Dec.VIII/16 1996, Request a further TEAP Report on Critical Agricultural Uses (OS2000, p. 113)
13. Dec.IX/6 1997, Exemption for Critical Use for MB (OS2000, p. 113)
14. Dec.IX/7 1997, Emergency MB Use (OS2000, p. 114)
15. Dec.X/11 1998, Request a TEAP Study on QPS exemptions (OS2000, p. 114)
16. Dec.XI/13 1999, Parties note the SAP revision ODP=0.4; request TEAP to review and implement procedures to move away from MB for QPS use (OS2000, p.115)
17. Dec.XII/1 2000, Clarification of Beijing Adjustment regarding MB; request Article 2 Parties producing MB for Article 5 BDN not to exceed 10% of their new Base Level (MOP12)
18. Dec.XII/11 2000, Request the TEAP to prepare a Handbook that will guide the Parties on how to submit Critical Use Nomination

C.   Decisions on Restrictions of Trade with non-Parties – Article 4 of the Montreal Protocol
19. Dec.V/20 1993, Request a TEAP Study (OS2000, p.121)
20. Dec.VII/7 1995, Request a TEAP Study (OS2000, p. 112)
21. Dec.VIII/15 1996, Consider issue at 9MOP (OS2000, p. 158)
22. Dec.IX/3 (and Annex IV, Parts A,B,C of 9MOP), 1997, Montreal Protocol Amendment on restriction of trade with non-Parties (OS2000, p. 91)
23. Dec.IX/3 (and Annex IV, Part F of the 9MOP), 1997, Montreal Amendment on establishing a licensing system (OS2000, p. 91)

D. Decisions on Control Measures for Article 5 Parties – Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol
24. Dec.V/19 1993, Request a TEAP Study (OS2000, p. 133)
25. Dec.VII/3 (and Annex III of MOP7), 1995, Vienna Adjustment on the phase-out schedule (OS2000, p. 91)
26. Dec.IX/3 and Annex III, Part B of MOP9), 1997, Montreal Adjustment on the revised phase-out schedule (OS2000, p. 91)
 27. Dec.IX/5, para.1 1997, Conditions for Control Measures (OS2000, p. 133)

E. Decisions on Reporting MBr – Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol
 28. Dec.IX/28 1997, New formats for reporting MB production and consumption (OS2000, p. 148)
 29  Dec.XI/5 (and Annex IV of 11MOP), 1999, Beijing Amendment on the reporting requirements for all Parties of MB quantities used for QPS (OS2000, p. 211)

F.   Decisions on the Operation of the Financial Mechanism – Article 10 of the Montreal Protocol
 30. Dec.V/23 1993, Provide funding for MB projects only for data collection (OS2000, p. 190)
 31. Dec.VIII/4 para.3, 1996, Provide limited funding for MB Demonstration Projects (OS2000, p. 183)
 32. Dec.IX/5 paras.1(b),2 1997, Provide funding for 1998 and 1999 for projects to phase-out MB (OS2000, p. 133)
 33. Dec.IX/8 para.4, 1997, Provide additional funding to support the establishment of national licensing systems (OS2000, p. 127)


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