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Methyl Bromide Alternatives

There are several publications and case studies which describe alternatives to the use of methyl bromide, view the "MB Publication" for some of these documents. For general Information on validated alternatives to methyl bromide, click below to view the Assessment Report of the Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee (MBTOC)

1. 2006 Assessment Report of the MBTOC <<<download

2. 2002 Assessment Report of the MBTCOC <<<download

3. 1998 Assessement Report of the MBTOC <<<download

4. 1994 Assessment Report of the MBTOC <<<download

The following are alternatives that have been in use in different sectors

Soil Use:
Non-Chemical Alternatives
1. Hot Water Technology
2. Steam
3. Soil Solarisation
4. Soil Solarisation in Orchards
5. Nematode Resistant Cultivars
6. Hydroponics and soil-less system
7. Grafting
8. Compost
9. Biofumigation

Chemical Alternatives  
1. Basamid for tree Nurseries
2. Metam Sodium for Fruits and Vegetables
3. Telone C-17 and Tillam
4. Green house tobacco Production
5. IPM Approach
6. Chloropicrin in Strawberry Production

 Commodity Use:
1. Controlled Atmosphere
2. Systems Approach
3. Heat treatment for Perishable Commodities
4. Heat Treatments for Timber
5. Irradiation

Structural Use:
1.  Phosphine, heat and CO2
2. Heat Treatments
3. Sulfuryl Fluoride

Please note that some of these alternatives are now commercially available, while others are in an advanced stage of development. In all cases, the information presented does not constitute a recommendation or an endorsement of these products or methods by the UNEP Compliance Assistance Programme or other involved parties. Neither should the absence of an item or pest control method necessarily be interpreted as UNEP CAP disapproval

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