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Topic: The African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN)
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AMCEN on Climate Change
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Tuesday, 26 May

Following the opening session of the AMCEN meeting, experts assembled into three groups namely :

  • Policy, which focuses on the Draft Climate Change document and the amendments pursuant to Article 3.9 of the Kyoto Protocol.
  • The second group comprises of the negotiators who will discuss Africa’s common position and formulate key messages for Copenhagen 2009 (This is a closed session thus their outcomes will be provided to the drafting group).
  • Climate Change adaptation, mitigation and capacity building will be embarked on by Group 3.

The three groups will continue their discussions and finalize later this evening. The delegates will also be tasked with providing a draft on the African Union decision on Africa’s Process on Climate Change as well as a draft decision on Africa’s process with regards to combating this issue. The outcome from all three groups will be the Ministerial Declaration to be subsequently deliberated and adopted during the High-level sessions.

The break out meetings as of this afternoon began on an active note as the experts embarked on their respective tasks. Highlights of the groups included various issues that should be included in the Nairobi Declaration ranging from the mechanisms to be used to combat climate change and certain areas to be expounded on from the Algiers Declaration such as the difference between adaptation and mitigation vis a vis the needs of the continent and other supplementary information that can be further developed from the statement. All agreed that Africa was getting a much lower share of funding thus what needs to be done is to mainstream Climate Change into;

i) development planning by gearing towards cross-sectoral coordination and mobilization of domestic resources;
ii) carbon market opportunities that we must create; and
iii) the need to be more proactive and responsive in efforts to claim resources.

Political support was also a key issue in the discussions. In overall, the experts concurred that the need to handle adaptation was a necessity and should be made priority in the region. It was noted that African countries should finalize their National Adaptation Action Plans as this was mandatory for projects to be considered for funding. The experts also accentuated that the proposed draft of Nairobi Declaration, Ministers should signify various thematic projects and programmes related to the effects of Climate Change as well as capture factors such as gender, indigenous knowledge and the youth’s activities and contribution towards adaption. Discussions are proceeding and the drafting group will be able to compile the draft version of the declaration which then will be presented at the plenary session later this evening.

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