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Civil Society
Civil Society in the work of the Regional Office for Africa


Programmatic Priorities: Implement Regional (Support to Africa, NEPAD, Water, AEIN/AEO) and Global Priorities (GEO, Cleaner Production and Consumption, Chemicals, Ozone, Natural Resources, Climate Change, Land Degradation, Regional Seas, Media, Youth/Sports and Environment, Capacity Building)

  • Establish and strengthen partnerships at the regional and sub-regional levels with other UN bodies, development banks and other institutions, including major civil society groups , with a view to enhancing the effectiveness of the development and delivery of the programme of work of UNEP in Africa;
  • Continue to assist in development of the environment initiative of NEPAD and to support African countries in the implementation of certain programme areas of this initiative;
  • Develop and promote in the region, understanding of the linkages between poverty, health, trade and environment, as a means of making people's livelihoods more productive and environmentally sustainable, including the elaboration of appropriate policy options to integrate environment issues in social and economic processes;
  • Provide focused support for development and execution of partnership initiatives presented within the context of implementation of WSSD (Promote partnerships on environmental

  • Promote and support the work, activities and initiatives of regional and sub-regional environmental forums, with view to maximizing their involvement in the preparation and implementation of the decisions of GC/GMEF.

Areas of engagement with civil society

  • Programme/project formulation, implementation of specific project elements

  • Public events and outreach

  • Joint publication of resource materials

  • environmental assessment

  • Joint workshops and seminars on topical issues

  • Facilitation of connections and partnerships between various UNEP divisions and African CSOs on a broad range of issues.

Main civil society organizations