UNEP - Regional Office for Asia Pacific - Asia and the Pacific Adaptation Network

UNEP, in partnership with key UN and international organizations, governments, foundations and research institutions, is facilitating the development of the Global Climate Change Adaptation Network. in Asia and the Pacific and other regions  over three phases - inception phase (2009-2010), development phase (2011-2012) and full operation phase (2012 onwards).

The Asia and the Pacific Adaptation Network builds resilience of vulnerable human systems, ecosystems and economies to climate change through mobilization of knowledge and technologies to support adaptation capacity building, policy-setting, planning and practices. The network provides and shares knowledge and information on adaptation in the region, facilitates developing countries’ access to international adaptation finance mechanisms, informs development planning and investment decisions to support adaptation, and develops the capacity of national and local planners, development partners and communities in adaptation.Governments and scientists from both developed and developing countries are working together to lead the process of the development and delivering activities of the Adaptation Network.

During 2010-2011, the network will focus on vulnerable ecosystems such as high mountains, mega river basins, dry lands and low-lying coasts, as well as vulnerable sectors such as water and agriculture. The network is supported by Sweden, Ministry of Environment, Japan, and Asian Development Bank (ADB).