Regional Office for Asia Pacific - Providing Governments and Stakeholders with Critical Knowledge for Climate Change Adaptation

The Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) equips government officials and key actors with critical knowledge to design climate change adaptation measures, access finance and technologies, and build capacity to integrate climate change adaptation into national development policies.

The APAN is run under the Global Adaptation Network, one of the UNEP’s largest initiatives on climate change adaptation. As a ‘network of networks,’ APAN takes a collaborative approach to manage and disseminate climate change adaptation knowledge and meet on-the-ground demands of climate change practitioners. It builds climate change resilient and sustainable human systems, ecosystems and economies in countries across the region.

The biennial Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum on “Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning”, one of the key activities of the network,  has become the largest gathering of adaptation practitioners in Asia and the Pacific, drawing over 500 participants who meet to share knowledge and experiences on adaptation, build partnerships and forge new initiatives. In addition, APAN organizes sub-regional annual conferences and several training and workshops through its sub-regional and thematic nodes.