UNEP - Regional Office for Asia Pacific - Technology Needs Assessment and Technology Action Plan

UNEP is implementing the Technology Needs Assessment and Technology Action Plan to support 35 to 45 countries to carry out improved Technology Needs Assessments within the framework of the UNFCCC. The assessments will involve amongst others, in-depth analysis and prioritization of technologies, analysis of potential barriers hindering the transfer of prioritized technologies as well as issues related to potential market opportunities at the national level. National Technology Action Plans agreed by all stakeholders at the country level will be prepared consistent with both the domestic and global objectives.

The project is being implemented in two rounds, with 15 countries in the first round and the remaining 20 to 30 countries in the second round. Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are five countries in the region involved in the TNA exercise. The UNEP Riso Centre of Denmark is providing technical support to each government for preparing the TNA and Technology Action Plan.