UNEP - Regional Office for Asia Pacific - UN-Government of China- Government of Spain (MDG F Project): China Climate Change Partnership Framework

This is a joint programme of UN, China and Spain. It aims at mainstreaming climate change into national and local planning and policy frameworks, improving local capacities and ensuring vulnerable communities’ adaptation to climate change impacts in China.

The programme addresses three major areas: (1) climate change policy, (2) mitigation, and (3) vulnerability assessment and adaptation. The programme is implemented by nine UN organizations in China and ten Chinese Ministries.

Under the programme, UNEP undertakes assessment of impacts of glacier retreat and sea level rise on local communities and ecosystems, their socio-economic system/infrastructure, as well as adaptation capacity to climate change. Several pilots are also planned in the Himalayas and coastal areas to incorporate adaptation strategies/measures into local development and policy frameworks. Public awareness, institutional capacity building for adaptation and South-South cooperation are key elements of project implementation.

In 2010, two capacity development workshops on impacts of and adaption to climate change (focusing on sea level rising) for government officials at provincial and city level have been organized, with more than 120 policy makers/advisers from 16 provinces of Eastern China.