Climate Change




Post-Crisis Environmental Recovery

In response to cyclone Nargis, Myanmar, UNEP played a central role in mainstreaming environmental concerns into the recovery phase. In particular, an “environmental help desk” was set up to support the government and stakeholders in the response phase.

Together with the Afghan government, UNEP conceptualized a phased approach for providing assistance to Afghanistan with regard to environmental management. In Phase 1 (2002-2003), an assessment of the environmental situation and an action plan was developed. The assessment, Afghanistan Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment Report found, amongst other things, a degraded natural resources base and severely limited national capacity to address the problems.  Phase 2, (2003-2007) focused on building the basic institutional, legal and human capacity for effective environmental management at the national level.

In Phase 3 (2008-2010), UNEP will assist national environmental authorities to implement the environmental management framework across the country, and to manage the process of environmental restoration and community-based management. Each phase has been developed and implemented in close partnership with the environmental administration, NGOs, UN agencies and bi -and multi-lateral partners.