Promoting Chemicals Management and Safety

Harmful and hazardous waste threatens millions of people in Asia Pacific. Left unchecked, these wastes pose severe health and environmental risks. Asia’s high population density and often tropical climate puts it especially at risk for contamination. Regulations have increased but enforcement remains inadequate.

 The UNEP Global Chemicals Outlook report found that chemical production is expected to be higher in Asia Pacific than any other region in the world. Currently, the region accounts for a significant proportion of over 140,000 chemicals produced globally. Around a million tonnes of hazardous waste is generated daily in the South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific combined.  

UNEP aims to minimize the impact of harmful substances and hazardous waste on the environment and people. UNEP’s work in Asia Pacific focuses on:

  • Building capacities for management of harmful substances and hazardous waste
  • Strengthening policy and control systems to combat illegal trafficking
  • Supporting the phase out of ozone depleting substances
  • Developing waste management strategies