First Forum of Ministers & Environment Authorities
of Asia Pacific

19-20 May 2015, Bangkok

  • The inaugral Forum of Ministers & Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific

  • Bangkok is Ready

About the Forum


Asia Pacific is the engine of global development. At the same time the environmental problems caused by unrestrained growth are undermining growth itself. Serious environmental challenges such as air pollution, chemicals and waste, marine pollution, and general erosion of the natural resource base have long-term implications for human health and require integrated and often complex policy solutions and long term perspectives and investments.

The first Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific provides a unique opportunity for Ministers and High Level representatives from Asia and the Pacific to come together to find the solutions to some of their most pressing sustainability challenges. The Forum is part of the response by UNEP to the mandate given by the Rio+20 for strengthening UNEP’s regional presence.

At this first Forum, discussions will focus on: the opportunities provided by the Post-2015 Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals for promoting equitable sustainable development in the countries of the region; the pressing health and environment challenges including air pollution and chemicals and waste and how to overcome these challenges; and the environment outlook and emerging priorities in Asia Pacific and how these can be conveyed with a stronger and more unified voice in global and regional forums.

The Forum will also guide UNEP on regional implementation of resolutions and decisions made at the first session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-1) and help identify the region’s inputs and topics for decisions and resolutions to the next UNEA in 2016 and UNEP’s medium term strategy for 2018-2021.


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