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South Asia and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

 23 Jun 14
Securing Future Prosperity in Asia and the Pacific - Tracking Progress Towards A More Resource Efficient and Green Region  20 Jun 14
Roadmap for Unprecedented Shift Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production Launches in Asia and the Pacific  28 Apr 14

Sri Lanka Student Wins Asia Pacific Prize for UNEP International Children’s Painting Competition

 22 Apr 14
CITES and business experts break new ground to trace wildlife trade
 26 Nov 13
Often-Overlooked yet Potent Pollutant Nitrous Oxide Poses Ozone and Climate Risks, UN Warns   21 Nov 13
Climate Technology Centre and Network Ready to Assist Developing Countries   21 Nov 13
Leading Global Finance Institutions Come Together to Finance the Future We Want   21 Nov 13
Trade in Intellectual Property-Infringing Goods Containing Harmful Substances on Rise in Asia, Posing Serious Threat to the Environment
 21 Nov 13
Over 30 Nations Meet to Tackle the Illegal Traffic of Hazardous Wastes 
 19 Nov 13
First high-level meeting to move beyond GDP in Asia
 08 Oct 13
Thai Student Wins Asia Pacific Prize for UNEP International Children’s Painting Competition  26 Jun 13
Governments and Business Leaders Push for Green Economy in the Greater Mekong Subregion
 17 May 13
Partnerships for elimination of HCFCs in Asia Pacific
 06 May 13
Asia Overtakes Rest of the World in Consumption of Materials  24 Apr 13
2013 Ozone2Climate Technology Roadshow Highlights HCFC Alternatives to Safeguard Ozone Layer  09 Apr 13
 Illegal Trade Robs Wild of Almost 3,000 Great Apes Annually, Threatening Populations
 04 Mar 13
 ‘Wild and Precious’ Plants and Animals in Focus at Launch of New Photo Exhibition
 03 Mar 13

Asia Pacific Countries Chart Course to Put Brakes on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

 04 Feb 13
India advances COOL HABITS initiative in the servicing sector  04 Feb 13
Food, Water and Livelihoods in Pacific Islands under Increasing Threat from Climate Change  04 Dec 12

Advanced Investigations Training for Cambodia Law Enforcement Bolsters Transnational Crime Fighting in Southeast Asia

 10 Oct 12
Organized Crime Trade Worth over US$30 Billion Responsible for up to 90% of Tropical Deforestation
 27 Sep 12
Experts Warn of Water Bankruptcy for Many Regions After Reviewing 200 Major Global Projects
 24 Sep 12
In search of the greenest and coolest technologies  20 Jul 12
Asia Pacific Could Account for 40% of Global Environmental Footprint in 2015  06 Jun 12
Pacific Islands Face Severe Water Threat, New Report says 23 Apr 12
China E-Tree Programme Enters Fourth Phase to Help Impoverished Families 28 Mar 12

Making our borders safe: Asia-Pacific region readies itself to prevent a new challenge of illegal trade in ozone-depleting chemicals

15 Mar 12
Expert mission studies Japan earthquake waste 5 Mar 12

Asia-Pacific Resource Use Trends, Changing Risks and Green Growth Opportunities Call for Decisive Action at Rio+20 Says the United Nations and ADB

16 Feb 12

UNEP/Sida launch Regional Enforcement Network Project to Combat Illegal Trade in Harmful Chemicals and Hazardous Waste in Asia


8 Feb 12

Asia-Pacific – Big Resource Efficiency Gains Key Opportunity for 21st Century Prosperity 

 19 Sep 11

Iran goes CFC-free: First Asia-Pacific country to phase out CFC in the MDI sector 

 05 Sep 11
Cambodian Border Security Strengthened to Combat Trafficking in First Training of its Kind in Southeast Asia  26 Aug 11

Japanese Student Wins Asia Pacific Prize for UNEP International Children’s Painting Competition 

 5 Jun 11
 Two Asian Economic Giants Join efforts to Phase out Use of CFC-Based Inhalers  31 May 11
Ozone and Climate Friendly Technologies Go on the Road  08 May 11
 Mongolia Faces Critical Water Shortfall Warns UNEP Report  22 Mar 11
 Pacific Action Plan for the Year of the Dugong  14 Mar 11
 Rooting Out Poverty with the E-Tree Programme in China  11 Mar 11
The Ozzy Oscars - Ozone Awards 7 Dec 10
East Asia--Sea Change Needed in Management of Crucial Marine Resources 19 Feb 10
Afghanistan and UNEP form partnership against smuggling of ozone depleting chemicals 23 Mar 10
Four Asian countries pull together to combat cross-border illegal trade in Ozone Depleting Chemicals 7 Apr 10
Media Briefing: Joint Meeting of the Regional Ozone Networks for Europe & Central Asia (Eca) and South Asia (Sa), Istanbul, Turkey, 26-30 April 2010 5 May 10
China Regulates Ozone Depleting Substances 1 Jun 10
Eight-Year-Old Thai Student Wins Asia Pacific Prize for UNEP International Children's Painting Competition 5 Jun 10
Maldives is Walking the Talk; Deriving Climate Benefits from Ozone Layer Protection 10 Jun 10
Tata Young Receives Prestigious US Environmental Protection Agency Montreal Protocol Award 5 Oct 10
Hundreds of Millions of South Asians Face Increasing Water Stress 6 Feb 09
Malaysian Children join Global Effort to Combat Climate Change 24 Feb 09
Bangkok Residents Emit as Much CO2 as New Yorkers 22 Apr 09
Efficient Use and Improved Cooperation Critical to Meet Future Water Needs of Northeast Asia 13 May 09
Cooperation Among Riparian Countries Key to Reducing Mekong River Basin's Future Vulnerability, Report Says 21 May 09
Troubled Waters: Exploring New Frontiers for Better Transboundary Freshwater Governance 21 May 09
Bangkok Plan of Action' Charts Fresh Course for Strengthened Transboundary Freshwater Governance 22 May 09
Chinese Student Wins Asia Pacific Prize for UNEP International Children's Painting Competition a Third Time 5 Jun 09
Asian Pacific Countries Gathered to Solve Crime against the Environment 16 Oct 09
Ten Innovative Asian Project Proposals Awarded Grant 2 Nov 09
Exposing Environmental Crimes: India and Nepal join hands to combat environmental crimes across their border 30 Nov 09
Greening the Bench - Environmental Justice and Enforcement 14 Jan 08
Business leaders and environmental champions convene in Singapore for the second B4E - Business for the Environment Global Summit 4 Feb 08
Switching to Ozone-Friendly Inhalers: Industry and Governments Join Hands to Ensure Smooth Transition for Asthma and Chronic Respiratory Disease Patients 15 Mar 08
Beating the Clock: Asia Pacific Make Strides in Early Phase Out of Ozone-Depleting Chemicals 19 Mar 08
Illegal trade in Ozone Depleting Substances Huge Challenge in Asia Pacific, Study Finds 21 Apr 08
Chinese Student Bags Asia Pacific Prize for UNEP International Children's Painting Competition a Second Time 22 Apr 08
Mega Movie Superstar and IIFA Brand Ambassador Mr. Amitabh Bachchan Lends His Voice to UNEP Billion Tree Campaign 30 Apr 08
Campaign Spotlights Severity of Marine Trash in East Asian Seas 17 Jun 08
Asian Cities Back Climate-Friendly Future 26 Jun 08
Ozzy and Zoe Ozone invite the World's Children to Take Action on Ozone and Climate Change 7 Jul 08
Tree Planting Campaign Launched in Thailand 19 Jul 08
The 4th Tunza-South East Asia Youth Environment Network Regional Conference 21 Jul 08
Beijing Games can be a model for 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games 5 Aug 08
Marine Turtle Conservation Moves into High Gear 20 Aug 08
The 4th Annual Tunza - Northeast Asia Youth Environment Network Conference 29 Aug 08
Workshop on Environmental Economics for Policy Makers 16 Sep 08
East Asian oceans filling with rubbish: Clean Up the World campaign targets action on plastic 18 Sep 08
Getting Rid of Unwanted Chemicals to Protect Earth's Ozone Layer and Climate 19 Sep 08
Children's Art Event to Launch UN Climate Campaign : Paint for the Planet 23-25 October in New York City 23 Sep 08
Young-Woo Park Joins UNEP as Regional Director, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific 6 Oct 08
Asian Journalists Adopt Declaration on Climate Change 15 Oct 08
Bleak Outlook for Environment in Kathmandu Valley: Concerted Effort Needed to Check Negative Impacts 25 Jan 07
Crack Down on Chemicals Criminals in Asia Pacific Registers First Successes 1 Mar 07
Putting Your Thoughts to the Care of Our Coral Reefs - The Green Fins Slogan Contest 13 Mar 07
Millions at Risk of Hunger and Water Stress in Asia Unless Global Greenhouse Emissions Cut 10 Apr 07
Chinese Student Bags Asia Pacific Prize for 16th International Children's Painting Competition 25 Apr 07
UNEP Wins Prestigious USEPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for the Second Time 3 May 07
IPCC confirms that cost-effective policies and technologies could greatly reduce global warming 4 May 07
Green Fins Programme Launched in East Asian Seas 30 May 07
Fast Melting Glaciers Could Raise the Likelihood of Floods and Water Shortages 5 Jun 07
New Plant, Bird and Mammalian Species and More Protected Areas in Nepal 5 Jun 07
China Closes Ozone Depleting Chemical Plants 1 Jul 07
Bangkok Declaration calls for coordinated action on environment and health 9 Aug 07
Philippines Wins Regional Ozone Quiz; Sri Lanka a Close Second 21 Aug 07
Tackling Eco-Crime in Greater Mekong Subregion 5 Sep 07
Twelve Asian Project Proposals Awarded Grant 9 Sep 07
The 3rd annual Tunza - Northeast Asia Youth Environment Network Conference 13 Sep 07
Indonesia to Ban CFCs and Methyl Bromide from 2008 13 Nov 07
Japanese Geikos Lend Their Voice to Thai Tree Planting Initiative 13 Nov 07
South Korea Contributes more than US$4 million to First Environmental Project between Two Koreas 22 Nov 07
3RD Tunza-South East Asia Youth Environment Network Regional Conference 7 Dec 07
Ground Breaking Report Underlines Vital Role of Ecosystems and Natural Resources in Supporting Livelihoods and Reducing Poverty in Greater Mekong Countries 21 Dec 07
UNEP Report on Chemical Spill Incident in the Songhua River 12 Jan 06
UNEP highlights significant financial gains for energy efficient businesses 18 Jan 06
2006 – Time for Countries and Communities to Take a Stand for the Globe's Threatened Sea Turtles 1 Mar 06
Thai Student is Asia-Pacific's Winner of the 15th International Children's Paining Competition 26 Apr 06
Endangered Gentle Giant of the Sea under the Microscope - Declining numbers raise concerns 7 Aug 06
UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Centre Launched at NGO Forum in Seoul 17 Aug 06
Tackling Illegal Trade in Ozone-depleting Substances and Dangerous Waste - Project Sky Hole Patching 1 Sep 06
Central Asian Governments Sign Pact to Tackle Environmental Issues in Their Region 24 Nov 06
Ozone-Friendly Inhalers for Consumers in South Asia - Promoting Phase-out and Affordable Alternatives 6 Dec 06
20/04/05 - Asia and the Pacific region already reduced CFC consumption by half for 14th International Children's Painting Competition 20 Apr 05
22/04/05 - Indonesian student wins regional award 22 Apr 05
10/05/05 - A Green Deal for Cities 10 May 05
13/05/05 - Press Statement jointly adopted by the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Singapore 13 May 05
09/08/05 - The 1st TUNZA North East Asia Youth Environment Network Conference 9 Aug 05
22/10/05- Launch of the Tunza-Pacific Youth Environment Network (Tunza-PYEN) 22 Oct 05
09/02/04 - UNEP champions sustainable consumption approach EU funded project enables transfer of lessons from Europe to Asia 9 Feb 04
10/02/04 - Scientific stock take for the South China Seas Project - US$32 million project to reveal initial findings and demonstration sites 10 Feb 04
01/03/04 - UNEP Encourages Public-Private Partnership to Tackle Illegal Trade in Ozone-depleting Substances 1 Mar 04
16/03/04 - Marine Turtle Agreement Reviews Progress 16 Mar 04
18/03/04 - Republic of Korea to Host Asia's first Global Ministerial Environment Forum 18 Mar 04
19/04/04 - Sustainable Environment Key to Economic Growth and Poverty Reducation, says First Atlas of the Greater Mekong Subregion 19 Apr 04
06/05/04 - UNEP and WWF Indonesia help Bali tourism industry to protect coral reefs 6 May 04
12/05/04 - Bangkok meeting to consider Government proposals on new CITES trade rules for dozens of wildlife species 12 May 04
14/05/04 - Proper toilets, clean seas: Two birds sought from one stone - UNEP and WSSCC Launch Wet-Wash campaign at Hilltops- 2-Oceans Partnership Conference in Cairns 14 May 04
03/06/04 - Hong Kong and Nepal students win United Nations Environment Programme competition 3 Jun 04
04/06/04 - Focus on Your World-UNEP Launches International Photographic Competition on the Environment 4 Jun 04
25/07/04 - UNEP-Tongji University offer new approach to sustainability- Aim to fashion Asia-Pacific's future leaders 25 Jul 04
04/08/04 - K-2 golden anniversary provides fillip for mountain conservation efforts 4 Aug 04
27/08/04 - First Report on the State of the Environment in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea launched at UNEP headquarters 27 Aug 04
24/09/04 - World's top environmentalists arrive in Beijing for 20th anniversary of prestigious UNEP Sasakawa Prize 24 Sep 04
29/09/05 - New building unveiled at UNEP-Tongji University Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development 29 Sep 04
02/11/04 - Strengthened, coordinated effort to conserve seas of Northwest Pacific - New offices in Toyama and Busan to serve agreement between China, Russia, Korea and Japan 2 Nov 04
16/11/04 - New Indicators Released to guide Sustainable Development in Asia-Pacific 16 Nov 04
21/01/03 - UNEP launches State of the Environment report aimed at South Asian policy makers "Children of the Monsoon" provides youth perspective on the key issues 21 Jan 03
22/01/03 - Lifeline for Asian and African Sea Turtles First meeting of new multilateral environment agreement 22 Jan 03
13/02/03 - Philippines Customs Beef Up To Fight Illegal Trade in Ozone Depleting Substances 13 Feb 03
12/03/03 - United Nations Environment Programme's new global youth and children strategy to kick off in Sydney 12 Mar 03
19/05/03 - UNEP urges Asia-Pacific towards a cleaner, greener development path 19 May 03
30/05/03 - Japanese environmental think-tank opens Bangkok office - UNEP says research will backstop efforts to halt environmental decline 30 May 03
04/06/03 - Myanmar and Sri lankan students win United Nations Environment Programme competition 4 Jun 03
30/06/03 - Treaty on international trade in GMOs to become law - Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety will enter into force in September 30 Jun 03
15/07/03 - UN Environment Chief wants sizzle in sustainability 15 Jul 03
22/08/03 - UNEP backs Mongolia's efforts to safeguard vast, unique environments -Pasture, forests and wildlife under threat in Genghis Khan homeland 22 Aug 03
28/08/03 - UNEP sends advisor to Pakistan oil spill site 28 Aug 03
12/09/03 - Sri Lanka workshop aims to strengthen environmental accords in region - Asia-Pacific delegates to review UNEP guidelines and manual on compliance and enforcement 12 Sep 03
19/09/03 - United Nations Environment Programme opens China Office 19 Sep 03
23/09/03 - Damage from Pakistan Tanker Spill Documented 23 Sep 03
06/10/03 - UNEP launches State of the Environment reports for Bangladesh and Dhaka City 6 Oct 03
10/10/03 - Sustainability workshop for South Asian television professionals 10 Oct 03
05/11/03 - New strategy for international chemicals management to be launched in Bangkok 5 Nov 03
24/11/03 - UNEP Congratulates ASEAN on Fire Haze Agreement 24 Nov 03
10/01/02 - Leading Minds Search for Fresh Perspectives on Asia-Pacific's Environment and Development Challenges 10 Jan 02
13/01/02 - Trade, Poverty at Heart of Environment and Development Challenge 13 Jan 02
22/01/02 - UNEP Strengthens ties with ASEAN - Successes Must be Built on Says Environment Chie 22 Jan 02
14/02/02 - Status of Thailand's Dugongs Matches Worldwide Decline 14 Feb 02
15/02/02 - New Reports Show Value and Vanerability of Asia's Marine Resources 15 Feb 02
11/03/02 - Shenzhen City, China to Host 2002 International World Environment Day Celebrations 11 Mar 02
02/05/02 - UNEP undertakes first Asia-Pacific examination of linkage between information and Communications Technologies (ICT and the Environmetn 2 May 02
09/05/02 - UNEP - Tongji University open new Chinese institute to aid environment and sustainable development 9 May 02
17/05/02 - UNEP backs Pacific Islands for ozone-depleting substance phase-out. World's first regional strategy receives nearly US$ 1 Million 17 May 02
03/06/02 - Global Survey Shows Slow Progress on UN Sustainable Consumption Guidelines 3 Jun 02
04/06/02 - We can make a difference say children on World Environment Day 4 Jun 02
04/06/02 - Chinese student gains recognition in United Nations Environment Programme competition 4 Jun 02
04/06/02 - Indian student gains recognition in United Nations Environment Programme competition 4 Jun 02
04/06/02 - Philippine student wins United Nations Environment Programme competition 4 Jun 02
06/06/02 - UNEP's GEO-3 Report Shows Stark Choices Facing Ministers at Bali PREPCOM 6 Jun 02
10/06/02 - UNEP Welcomes ASEAN Agreement on Forest Fire Haze 10 Jun 02
28/07/02 - Making Environmental Education Real Via the Web 28 Jul 02
10/10/02 - Thai barge featured in new UNEP education sourcebook 10 Oct 02
19/11/02 - Environmental visionary, Ashok Khosla, Presented with UNEP Prize at Gala Ceremony in New York 19 Nov 02
21/11/02 - Asian governments launch action to tackle "e-wastes" 21 Nov 02

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