UNEP - Regional Office for Asia Pacific - Press Releases
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INDCS Signal Unprecedented Momentum for Climate Agreement in Paris, But Achieving 2 Degree Objective Contingent upon Enhanced Ambition in Future Years

6 Nov 15

Montreal Protocol Parties Devise Way Forward to Protect Climate Ahead of Paris COP 21

6 Nov 15

UN Environment Programme Statement on Southeast Asian Fires

29 Oct 15

New UN-Supported Rice Management Standard Sets Benchmark for Environmentally Sustainable and Socially Responsible Rice Cultivation

27 Oct 15
Countries in South and South-East Asia are Trained to Conserve Migratory Animals 27 Oct 15
Six Months after Nepal Earthquake - Supporting Greener Reconstruction in Nepal 26 Oct 15
Cook Islands One Step Closer to Direct Access for Climate Change Finance 14 Oct 15
UNDP and UNEP Support Climate Change Negotiators' Seminar for Least Developed Countries Ahead of COP 21 in Paris 13 Oct 15
New UN Report Details Ecosystem Services of Almost One Billion Dollars Annual in Four Pilot Countries 07 Oct 15
SAARC Makes Headway in Greening Economies but More Investment in Environment and Ecosystems Crucial for Meeting Development Goals 22 Sep 15
Ahead of Paris Climate Talks, UN Opens Its Adaptation Initiative to All Developing Countries 15 Sep 15
Ahead of Historic SDGs Summit, UNEP and CalPERS Call for Policy Overhaul to Align Institutional Investment with Sustainable Development 14 Sep 15

Bangladesh Prime Minister Wins Top United Nations Environmental Prize for Policy Leadership

14 Sep 15
National Geographic Wins Top United Nations Environmental Prize for Science and Innovation
10 Sep 15
Thai Teenager Wins Asia Pacific Prize of UNEP's International Children Painting Competition 10 Sep 15
Government Subsidies for Agriculture May Exacerbate Deforestation, says new UN report 03 Sep 15
Low-Cost Device Can Revolutionize Air Quality Monitoring and Help Countries Prevent Deaths from Outdoor Pollution 31 Aug 15
Safe Passage for Mongolian Wildlife 31 Aug 15
China's 2015 Sustainable Consumption Week Aims to Green the World's Second Largest Private Consumer Market 08 Aug 15
Pacific efficient light strategy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate energy and financial savings 06 Aug 15
New Policy Guide Offers Solutions for Asia's Sustainable Consumption and Production Challenges 18 Jun 15
Thai Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and UNEP celebrate World Environment Day with the participation of the Prime Minister of Thailand 15 Jun 15
Musician and Environmentalist Jack Johnson Designated UNEP Goodwill Ambassador on World Environment Day 2015 05 Jun 15
UNEP's Chief and Goodwill Ambassador Yaya Touré Make a Carbon-Free Entrance at Expo Milano on World Environment Day  05 Jun 15
On World Oceans Day, New UN Report Recommends Ban of Microplastics in Cosmetics 05 Jun 15
World Can Avert Financial and Environmental Costs of Resource Depletion and Save Millions in Efficiency Gains - New UN World Environment Day Report Shows How 04 Jun 15
Inaugural Environment Ministers' Forum Calls for Enhanced Action for a Resilient, Resource Efficient Asia Pacific 20 May 15
Crime Fighters Recognized for Tackling Illegal Trade in Wildlife, Chemicals and Waste 20 May 15
Asia-Pacific Environment Ministers Seek Solutions to Region's Sustainable Development Challenges 19 May 15
Efficient Resource Use Key to New Industrial Revolution in Asia Pacific, report says 
19 May 15
Opportunities for a Green Economy in Asia PacificUnited Nations Under-Secretary-General and United Nations Environment Programme Executive Director Achim Steiner Speech to the First Forum of Ministers & Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific
19 May 15
 SSE 2015 Regional Dialogue South East Asia -  Media Advisory
14 May 15
Redirecting Financial Flows Worth US $2.5 Trillion Annually towards Green Investment Crucial to Sustainable Growth in Asia Pacific – New UN Report
13 May 15
Media Advisory: How resource-efficient is Asia Pacific’s growth? UNEP to launch groundbreaking assessment
12 May 15
Asia Pacific Environment Ministers Chart Course for Region’s Development
12 May 15
Media Advisory: Asian Enforcement Organizations Recognized for Tackling Environmental Crime
12 May 15
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar advances towards the definition of its Vision for a climate resilient, low-carbon and resource efficient development at the 1st Workshop for the Formulation of the Myanmar National Climate Change Strategy, Action Plan and Policy 
 8 Apr 15

UNDP/UNEP Launch New Capacity Development Programme For Climate Change Negotiators From Least Developed Countries

11 Mar 15
UNEP Chief, Philippines Environment Secretary Explore Cooperation on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Other Issues 02 Mar 15
UNEP-lites.asia workshop on Regional Lighting Policy Bangkok, Thailand, 3-4 February 2015 09 Feb 15
Moving Forward on UNEP-China Partnership 23 Jan 15
Thematic Meeting of South Asia Network Ozone Officers, Customs Officers and Partners 20 Dec 14
China Renews Commitment Towards Achieving Eco-Civilization 03 Dec 14
Indonesia Spotlighted in Top Global Environmental Awards for First Time 19 Nov 14
Small Island Developing States Spotlighted in Top Global Environment Awards 17 Nov 14
Strengthening Partnerships for a Climate Resilient Asia Pacific
 01 Oct 14
Moving from Business-as-Usual to Sustainability – The ASEAN+3 Leadership Programme  30 Sep 14
Regional Approach to Address the World’s Biggest Environmental Problem   24 Jul 14

Climate Change at the Heart of Myanmar’s Policy Development Agenda

 10 Jul 14

South Asia and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

 23 Jun 14
Securing Future Prosperity in Asia and the Pacific - Tracking Progress Towards A More Resource Efficient and Green Region  20 Jun 14
Roadmap for Unprecedented Shift Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production Launches in Asia and the Pacific  28 Apr 14

Sri Lanka Student Wins Asia Pacific Prize for UNEP International Children’s Painting Competition

 22 Apr 14
CITES and business experts break new ground to trace wildlife trade
 26 Nov 13
Often-Overlooked yet Potent Pollutant Nitrous Oxide Poses Ozone and Climate Risks, UN Warns   21 Nov 13
Climate Technology Centre and Network Ready to Assist Developing Countries   21 Nov 13
Leading Global Finance Institutions Come Together to Finance the Future We Want   21 Nov 13
Trade in Intellectual Property-Infringing Goods Containing Harmful Substances on Rise in Asia, Posing Serious Threat to the Environment
 21 Nov 13
Over 30 Nations Meet to Tackle the Illegal Traffic of Hazardous Wastes 
 19 Nov 13
First high-level meeting to move beyond GDP in Asia
 08 Oct 13
Thai Student Wins Asia Pacific Prize for UNEP International Children’s Painting Competition  26 Jun 13
Governments and Business Leaders Push for Green Economy in the Greater Mekong Subregion
 17 May 13
Partnerships for elimination of HCFCs in Asia Pacific
 06 May 13
Asia Overtakes Rest of the World in Consumption of Materials  24 Apr 13
2013 Ozone2Climate Technology Roadshow Highlights HCFC Alternatives to Safeguard Ozone Layer  09 Apr 13
 Illegal Trade Robs Wild of Almost 3,000 Great Apes Annually, Threatening Populations
 04 Mar 13
 ‘Wild and Precious’ Plants and Animals in Focus at Launch of New Photo Exhibition
 03 Mar 13

Asia Pacific Countries Chart Course to Put Brakes on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

 04 Feb 13
India advances COOL HABITS initiative in the servicing sector  04 Feb 13

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