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The Governing Council of UNEP adopted the “Youth Strategy” at its 22nd UNEP Governing Council Meeting in February 2003 to engage and involve young people in environmental issues. Since then, UNEP has devoted a section for youths and youth-related activities called TUNZA and established five youth networks in the Asia Pacific region:

The youth environment networks are a key activity under the TUNZA strategy in Asia and the Pacific. Each unique and diverse sub-region in Asia is represented by a network of active young people making a difference and who bridge young environmentalists and organizations representing the sub-regions of Asia. The networks promote, enhance and support youth participation in environmental activities, broaden the participatory process for sustainable development by inclusion of youth, and inculcate environmental awareness among the youth. The networks also give a voice to youth on their views on their sub-regions.

Bayer is UNEP’s global partner on youth activities, and has supported the establishment of regional youth networks in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

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