Engagement with Major Stakeholders

UNEP deals with a wide range of partners: governments, major groups and stakeholders, parliamentarians, international non-governmental organisations (INGOs), and intergovernmental organisations, including UN agencies. They collectively and individually bring valuable expertise, research and advocacy skills that help foster long-term, broad-based support for UNEP’s mission.

Major Groups and Stakeholders are substantive partners and contributors to improving our understanding of the environment, and in developing innovative solutions to environmental challenges, thus making them one of the key partners to UNEP.

This engagement has strengthened and brought about an increased number of major groups and stakeholders (NGOs, youth, women, local authorities, indigenous people and their communities, workers and trade unions, industry and the private sector, educational institutions) to participate effectively in the governance debate at UNEP, in the implementation of UNEP’s programme of work and promotion of partnerships for environmental governance to influence environmental decision-making.

At the governance and policy level, the main entry point for major groups and stakeholders is the regular consultation that is held in the lead up to the Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment forum (GC/GMEF), where UNEP welcomes the participation and inputs/statements of the accredited organizations on UNEP policy documents, major technical reports, etc.

At the programme level, UNEP seeks qualitative involvement of major groups and stakeholders in support of the six thematic areas, and mainly through:
  • Multistakeholder fora on emerging policy issues (such as environmental governance, green economy, climate change, trade, labour, etc.)
  • Support, advocacy and lobbying for policies promoted by UNEP to address major environmental challenges; and
  • Outreach campaigns and awareness raising workshops and side events, to publicise and mobilise various major groups and stakeholders around policies promoted by UNEP.
Within the current cycle of the UNEP work programme, the involvement of major groups and stakeholders will focus on the following themes:
  • Promotion of a transition to a Green Economy and mobilising wide support from the major groups and stakeholders and the public at large.
  • Promotion of partnerships with major groups and stakeholders to support the application of internationally agreed development goals and objectives; and support the engagement of non-governmental stakeholders and civil society in environmental governance at all levels.
  • Support to UNEP’s engagement in the Rio+20 process and UNEP’s contribution to attaining broader sustainable development goals: this would include working closely with and mobilising the support of major groups and stakeholders around UNEP policies in initiative and processes in the lead up to Rio+20.

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