Objectives and Expected Results of EaP GREEN


The overall objective of the EaP GREEN Programme is to assist the six EaP countries to move towards a green economy by decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation and resource depletion.

The specific objectives of the project are:
  • to mainstream sustainable consumption and production into national development plans, legislation and regulatory framework with a view to provide a sound legal basis for future policy development, in line with the regional and international agreements and processes and consistently with existing EU acquis in the relevant policy areas;
  • to promote the use of Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) as essential planning tools for an environmentally sustainable economic development;
  • to achieve a shift to green economy through the adaptation and adoption of sustainable consumption and production practices and techniques in selected economic sectors (manufacturing, agriculture, food production and processing, construction).

Expected results

The expected results of the Programme are:
  • national legislation and sectoral regulatory frameworks are examined in depth and the presence or lack of elements that are relevant to SCP is assessed;
  • proposals for changes in national legislation and regulatory frameworks are formulated in order to provide stronger incentives for SCP. These proposals for changes are achieved in those countries that have opted for implementing them;
  • measurable improvements in resource efficiency and environmental performance are achieved in selected economic sectors;
  • SEA and EIA are integrated into the national regulatory framework and are more regularly used in decision making;
  • public authorities' professional and institutional capacities to develop and implement policies to promote sustainable production and consumption are strengthened;
  • capacity development activities targeting private sector actors, including the domestic financial sector, are carried out.
Such results will be sought through an integrated approach which will combine policy reform; professional and institutional capacity building in government, economic sectors and financial markets; and support for enterprises to provide access to affordable financing and appropriate technology and management systems.

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