Climate Change
Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Transport in Central & Eastern Europe/ EST goes East - Clearing House

The EST goes EAST Clearing House (EgE) seeks to promote Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) in Central & Eastern Europe, through its function as a portal and source for information exchange, knowledge, news and experience. Main facilities include:
Searchable databases of EST ‘Good Practices’ / Case studies (both at CEI region and national levels); ‘Strategy & Policy’ databases to promote new EST knowledge sharing (CEI region and national); Data & Statistics to understand trends and promote 'Good Practices' in EST; Environment-related Transport information and news (through the central Notice board); ‘Contacts/ Useful Links’ pages to facilitate networking between Transport & Environment institutions and organizations (CEI regional and national levels).


Communications & Outreach
  • Engaging major groups and stakeholders for policy dialogue
  • Active in the Carpathians
  • Caspian Environmental Issues