About Us

The aim of UNEP's Environment Under Review Programme in West Asia is to empower regional stakeholders in their policy and decision making by providing scientific information and knowledge and keeping the environment under review.  It works closely with a large number of partners and collaborating centres in all regions of the world and has established functional networks for data, information, assessments and capacity development.

UNEP aims to set the regional environmental agenda by delivering assessments that integrate environmental, economic and social information to assess the environment, identify emerging issues and track progress towards environmental sustainability.

UNEP also works to support capacity-building efforts in countries of the region that commit to environmental monitoring and posting of environmental data and information on public platforms, as appropriate, in line with Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration.

Furthermore, UNEP works towards increased participation of stakeholders in environmental decision-making processes, including the generation, analysis, packaging, availability and dissemination of integrative environmental information.

Provided Services

  • Undertaking and supporting national, sub-regional and regional institutions in carrying out integrated environmental assessments and state of environment reporting.
  • Facilitating access to environmental data and information, and supporting indicator development and networking.
  • Timely identification and vulnerability assessment of emerging environmental threats.
  • Training and capacity building at the regional and national levels on integrated environmental assessment, early warning and information systems
  • Exchange and sharing of information and best practices.
  • Twinning arrangement of leading institutions on assessment, early warning and information management.
  • Provision of Advisory Services.
  • Technology Transfer.
  • Regional convening power of stakeholders

Contact Us

Regional Coordinator
UNEP Division of Early Warning & Assessment (DEWA)-West Asia P.O. Box 10880 Bahrain, Manama

Tel. Direct: +973-17 812785
Fax: +973-17 825110/111
E-Mail: adel.abdelkader@unep.org.bh