UNEP Sasakawa Prize Laureates



The Asociación Forestal Integral San Andrés, Petén (AFISAP) which was founded in 1999, is focused on preserving the forests on a 52,000-hectare concession within the Mayan Biosphere Reserve in the San Andres area which plays a critical role in regional conservation. According to an AFISAP study that used remote cameras, the Mayan Reserve has the highest-density of jaguars ever reported in the world (11 jaguars/100 km2).
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Manahari Development Institute-Nepal (MDI-Nepal) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2001, has introduced agroforestry to help improve crop productivity and water irrigation systems as well as reduce soil erosion on the forested hills and mountainous areas. Apart from making up most of the country’s land mass, the slopes also are home to 18 million of the 24 million total population
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Nuru Design

Nuru Design brings clean, affordable lighting solutions to rural communities in Rwanda, Kenya and India with portable, rechargeable LED lights. The lights can be recharged by solar panel or by human power using the world’s first commercially available pedal generator. The reduction in kerosene expenses saves households up to USD$8 per month per household.
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Trees, Water & People (TWP)

Trees, Water & People (TWP) collaborates with local NGOs to distribute fuel-efficient cook stoves which burn 70% less wood, saving families US$1 - $5/day, and decrease harmful carbon emissions by 1 tonne CO2eq/year per stove for domestic users. The project also includes reforestation efforts which to date account for the planting of three million trees in Latin America.
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Sunlabob Rural Energy Ltd

Sunlabob Rural Energy Ltd., founded in 2001, brings energy to remote rural communities in Lao PDR, a country where just 48 per cent of the population has access to grid electricty, mostly in cities and town. Through Sunlabob, over 1,800 solar-home-systems (SHS) and 500 solar lanterns are being rented to families in 73 different villages across the country.
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Practical Action

Practical Action, founded in 1966, works in Peru's eastern Andes where 68 percent of the population- around 5 million people- do not have access to electricty. The project makes use of the region's vast potential for hydroelectricity: to date, 47 micro-hydro schemes have been installed in the area through Practical Action, bringing clean power to about 30,000 people.
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Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha

Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha, founded in 1998 helps the poor and marginalized people from the remote Chalanbeel region while combatting the effects of climate change in Bangladesh, particularly devastating floods and rising water levels.
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Jeunesse Park

Ms. Jeunesse Park, is the founder and CEO of Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA), South Africa's only national greening and food gardening NGO. Her hard work resulted in an NGO which promotes greening, sustainable natural resource use and management and food security, through three key programs: Trees for Homes, EduPlant, and the Urban Greening Forum.
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Tenadi Cooperative of Mauritania

The years of persistent drought since 1973 in the Sahel and in Mauritania in particular have killed 90 per cent of livestock and annihilated the hopes of people who have been living there for centuries and follow a nomadic lifestyle.
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Rodrigo Vivas Rosas of Colombia

Mr Rodrigo Vivas Rosas is an active environmentalist in Colombia. Formally trained in Law and Sustainable Development, Mr. Rosas works closely with the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Food Security and Sustainable Development (REDLAYC).
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Prize Laureates (1984 - 2003)

2003 Co-Winners: Dener José Giovanini and Xie Zhenhua

2002: Dr. Ashok Khosla

2001: Huey D. Johnson

2000: Dr. Michel Batisse (deceased)

1999: Professor Mario J. Molina

1998: Ian Bruce Carrick Kiernan

1997: Barbara Y.E. Pyle

1996: Triloki Nath Khoshoo (deceased)

1995 Co-Winners: Professor Canaganayagan Suriyakumaran and Norman Myers and Peter Raven

1994 Co-Winners: Dr. M. S. Swaminathan and Paul and Anne Ehrlich

1993: Dr. Mostafa Kamal Tolba

1992 Co-Winners: Professor Qu Geping and Professor Yuri Izrael

1991 Co-Winners: Drs. Wolfgang Burhenne and Françoise Burhenne-Guilmin

1990: Francisco "Chico" Mendes (deceased)

1989: Dr. Lester R. Brown

1988 Co-Winners: World Commission on Environment and Development and Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

1987 Co-Winners: Professor Elisabeth Mann Borgese (deceased) and Professor Nicholas Polunin (deceased)

1986: Mweka College of African Wildlife Management

1985 Co-Winners: Hassan Asmaz and Professor Gilbert White

1984: Dr. Aurelio Peccei (deceased)

Pahlavi Prize Laureates

1978 Co-Winners: Mohammed El-Kassas and Thor Heyerdahl (deceased)

1977: Jacques-Yves Cousteau (deceased)

1976: Maurice F. Strong