Sasakawa Prize Laureate (2009-10)

Trees, Water and People
633 Remington Street
Fort Collins, USA
Tel: (+1) 970 484 3678


Summary of Environmental Achievements

Nearly half the world's 6.8 billion people rely on smoky open fires to cook their daily meals. This traditional practice causes deadly indoor air pollution which kills 1.6 million women and children annually.

Trees, Water & People (TWP) collaborates with local NGOs to distribute fuel-efficient cook stoves to communities in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Haiti. To date, TWP has coordinated the building of 35,000 stoves, benefiting more than 175,000 people.

TWP offers a variety of stove models to meet the needs of different communities while conserving trees and decreasing emissions from deforestation. The Justa Stove burns 70% less wood, saving families between US$1 - $5 per day. They also decrease harmful carbon emissions by 1 tonne CO2 equivalent per year per stove for domestic users and 3.5 tonnes CO2 equivalent per year for commercial users, such as tortilla makers.

In order to supplement the trees used in the fuel-efficient stoves, the project also includes reforestation efforts to sequester carbon and counter the effects of deforestation. TWP has assisted in the creation of 16 community-run nurseries that produce 650,000 trees each year. TWP’s reforestation efforts have led to the planting of three million trees to date throughout Latin America.

TWP showcases the Green Economy at work at the grass roots level. The household savings and community nurseries gained from the implementation of projects such as TWP offer a concrete example of the benefits created from the transition to a Green Economy.
TWP will use the Prize money to support and expand the fuel-efficient stove projects and community tree nurseries throughout Central America and the Caribbean, purchasing equipment and materials necessary for increased stove production, as well as vehicles for transportation and delivery.