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25-26 November,   Paris, France

UNEP-SBCI will hold its 2013 Fall Symposium, ‘Global Action towards Resource Efficiency and Climate Mitigation in the Building Sector’ in Paris France on 25-26 November.  The two-day workshop will focus on actions that must be taken to achieve the full resource efficiency and climate mitigation potential of the building sector.  Participants will learn about:

  • UNEP’s efforts to promote life-cycle approaches to buildings and materials
  • Decoupling economic growth from resource consumption, a critical issue for the building sector
  • The necessity to green the Construction Sector Supply Chain
  • Access to Data and Finance to deliver energy efficiency in buildings
  • Policies, strategies and tools for resource and energy efficiency,  such as Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)
  • The 2013 Fall Symposium will be supported by Paris-based UNEP-SBCI partner, Global Buildings Performance Network, and will be an informative and forward-looking dialogue contributing to establishment of a relevant global vision for the sector.  
    Venue and registration information will be available soon.  


    10th International Green Habitat Forum - 6-8 December 2013, Shenzhen, China

    UNEP-SBCI partner, China Merchants Property Development will host the 10th International Green Habitat Forum (IGHF), 6-8 December 2013, exploring the topics of low carbon development, green habitat and urbanization.  The forum, which has grown to more than 1500 participants and has been held previously in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Zhenjiang and Changzhou, returns to Shenzhen where the first forum was hosted in 2004.  The forum will be a platform for information exchange and cooperation among Chinese governments, academics, NGOs and international experts to promote innovative urban planning concepts and applications to help address the challenges China faces during its urbanization process.  Speakers will represent governments, research institutes and NGOs and include UNEP-SBCI partners.  The event is co-organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development, Shenzhen Municipal Government, and UNEP-SBCI.  The forum will be held at Hilton Hotel in Shekou, Shenzhen.  

    For more information, contact:
    Ms. Luting Jin
    Email: jinluting@cmhk.com
    Cell: 86-13802978995
    Tel: 86-39976445
    Fax: 86-39976699
    Website: http://www.ghabitat.org

    UNEP-SBCI Partner FIDIC holds Centenary Conference in Barcelona

    The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC),  a partner in UNEP-SBCI, will be holding its Centenary Conference in Barcelona, 15-18 September 2013.  In collaboration with FIDIC, UNEP-SBCI will be hosting a special session  during the ‘Business Day,’ Wednesday, 18 September from 13:00-16:00.   Arab Hoballah, Chief of UNEP’s Sustainable Consumption and Production Branch will be leading the session, focused on Creating a Resource Efficient Building Sector.  Mr. Hoballah will also moderate a panel discussion on A Global Vision for Sustainable Building with Mr. Torsten Kleiss, Senior Strategy Manager, Siemens Switzerland Ltdm Infrastructure & Cities Sector, Emilio Miguel Mitre, Director of International Affairs for the Green Building Council of Spain and Coordinator of the Sustainable Building Regional and World Conference Series (SB13 and SB14 Conferences), Ike Van der Putte (FIDIC) and municipal and government officials.   For information on the FIDIC Centenary Conference, please visit www.fidic2013.org

    SB Conferences-series - 2013

    UNEP-SBCI is one of four international co-promoters (along with CIB, iiSBE and FIDIC) of the Global Sustainable Building Conference Series.  The series will continue with more than 15 regional conferences confirmed for 2013, followed by a 2014 Global Conference in Barcelona.    More information, including Calls for Papers and host organizations for each conference, can be found at the SB Conference website:  www.sbconferences.org

    UNEP-SBCI Partner, Building and Construction Authority of Singpore's Centre for Sustainable Buildings (CSB) will be hosting a regional SB Conference, 9-10 September 2013, with the theme, Realising Sustainability in the Tropics.  Please see information below:

    SB13 Singapore
    Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
    For registration, visit: http://www.sbsingapore.org/SB13/registration-rate/online-re/      
    Or contact us: +65 6356 4727 | contact@sbsingapore.org  
    Sustainable Building 2013 (SB13) Singapore is a pre-eminent international conference series on Sustainable Buildings & Construction. The event is co-organised by the BCA Centre for Sustainable Buildings (BCA CSB) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). The conference aims to provide an unparalleled view into regional and international sustainable building issues and promote greater sustainability through cost effective solutions in design, construction and operation. It also seeks to showcase built projects, ongoing research and governance models that specifically address life in the tropics; paradigms, processes and tools that can help designers, developers and policy-makers understand the exchange between people and buildings, buildings and neighbourhoods, cities and their surroundings, man and nature. The theme of SB13 Singapore is “Realising Sustainability in the Tropics”, and it is subdivided into four tracks, with a special session on Construction Materials Stewardship, CIB W115. Experts in the industry will be speaking at the conference, including:
    -       Herbert DREISEITL, Atelier Dreiseitl, Germany
    -       Richard HASSELL, WOHA, Singapore
    -       Curt GARRIGAN, UNEP-SBCI, France
    -       Wolfgang KESSLING, Transsolar, Germany
    -       Charles J. KIBERT, University of Florida, USA
    -       Ashok LALL, Ashok B Lall Architects, India
    The conference proceedings will focus on peer reviewed papers by researchers and practitioners; plenary sessions; and exhibition displays with participation encouraged from researchers, practitioners, stakeholders, policy makers, investors, students as well as users. For more information, visit www.sbsingapore.org