Join your peers

Partners of the UNEP- SBCI have the opportunity to become involved in a number of activities and thus, take away a range of benefits. These benefits translate into competitive advantage and a deeper understanding of the factors that affect the building sector.


  1. Working with global experts
    • Work in cooperation with leading stakeholders, including: material producers, architects, builders, industry representatives, businesses, councils, cities, governments, and national and international organizations.
    • Network with international experts in the building sector.

  2. Gaining first-hand access to developments in the building sector
    • Attend and represent the UNEP-SBCI at key international workshops and conferences.
    • Access publications and tools developed by/or with the UNEP.
    • Receive information about the latest developments in the sector
    • Unlock job, innovation, productivity, health and energy benefits from buildings in new markets, while at the same time increasing asset values, yields and returns.

  3. Helping to shape global policy on sustainable buildings
    • Contribute to the development of national and international strategies on sustainable buildings.
    • Enable governments to unlock the social, economic and environmental benefits of sustainable buildings.
    • Contribute to policy development through dialogue with other international organizations.
    • Take an active role in transforming the building sector towards sustainable buildings.

  4. Participating in strategy development, research, projects, pilot testing, and campaigns
    • Take part in defining the work program, identifying opportunities and developing mechanisms towards sustainability, and electing representatives.
    • Design and participate in the implementation of pilot projects.
    • Participate in publication and tool development.
  5. Raising your organization’s sustainability profile and visibility
    • Benefit from UNEP recognition.
    • Include your organization’s logo on joint publications.
    • Promote your organization’s achievements and innovation in relation to sustainable building.

How to join the UNEP-SBCI

Download and complete the commitment form and return it to the UNEP-SBCI Secretariat. Once your contribution is received your partnership will be confirmed and your logo will appear on the UNEP- SBCI website as well as, all partnership sponsored materials.

You will receive a biannual newsletter, invitations to meetings and events, updates, publications, and have the opportunity to participate in the UNEP-SBCI’s Committees. Partners may also use the UNEP-SBCI partner’s logo during their partnership period.

Level of Contribution Amount (USD) Description

CONTRIBUTIONS between USD 20,000 and USD 50,000

Donors are UNEP-SBCI Partners that choose to contribute further to the work plan by cooperating on joint projects, participating in implementation, organizing workshops and participating in further expanding of the network.
International Partner

USD 15,000

Multinational company: all sectors, with activities in more than one country.
National Partner

USD 10,000

National company: all sectors, with activity in only one country
Partner USD 5,000 Government, local authority, association, federation, NGO, education or research organization, building council etc

Note: Partnerships are valid from April 1st to March 31st. New partners joining after October may receive an extended partnership period. Late contribution will result in a delay in confirmation of the partnership