UNEP's Office of the Chief Scientist and the Global Environment Outlook

The Global Environment Outlook (GEO) is the flagship report of UNEP and provides at regular intervals an integrated assessment of the state, trend and outlook of the global environment. The report fulfils UNEP’s core mandate to “keep the global environment under review”. The process for developing the GEO is important in itself since it helps inform environmental decision-making at the global, regional and national levels and promotes a strong interaction between science and policy.

The fifth edition of the GEO (the GEO-5) was released on 5th June 2012 on the occasion of World Environment Day.

The UNEP Office of the Chief Scientist contributed to GEO-5 by:

  • Co-chairing the development of the strategy for producing GEO-5.
  • Developing the scientific guidelines used for GEO-5.
  • Convening and chairing the “Science and Policy Advisory Board” which oversaw the scientific quality control of GEO-5.