Get Yourself Heard

Provide your input to the UNEP Office of the Chief Scientist about
“New and Emerging Environmental Issues”

UNEP and the Office of the Chief Scientist are very keen to hear your views concerning “new and emerging issues” critical to the global environment. These issues are defined in the UNEP Foresight Report as global environmental issues that are recognized as very important by the scientific community, but are not yet receiving adequate attention from the policy community. These are new critical issues that have been researched and verified by scientists, but are not yet on the radar screens of policymakers. We are seeking input on issues that are environmental or environmentally-related, and are either positive or negative in nature. Examples of such issues are given in the UNEP report “21 Issues for the 21st Century” .

Here we invite you to provide your ideas on these issues, and to influence the work of UNEP. We request that you kindly complete the questionnaire below.