What does the Office of Chief Scientist do?

The main objectives of the Office of the Chief Scientist are to help strengthen the interface between global environmental science and policy while making the science base of UNEP’s activities stronger. The Office answers directly to the Executive and Deputy Executive Directors of UNEP, and the Chief Scientist is a member of the Senior Management Team of UNEP.

Activities of the Office are guided by the UNEP Science Strategy 2011-2013, adopted by the Senior Management Team in 2010. On a day-to-day basis, the Office of the Chief Scientist cooperates very closely with UNEP’s Divisions, particularly their Science Focal Points, to carry out the Strategy and fulfil the mandate of UNEP. Working with many partners within and outside of UNEP, the Office has:

  • Initiated a Foresight Process to identify emerging issues;
  • Assembled scientists from around the world to provide direct input to international negotiations on climate change and ozone layer depletion;
  • Convened experts to address the environmental dimensions of food security;
  • Co-founded a new scientific organization to foster close cooperation between climate researchers and policymakers;
  • Helped organize a new international coalition which aims to achieve globally significant mitigation of both air pollution and climate change;
  • Provided scientific input to UNEP’s flagship reports on the Green Economy and the Global Environmental Outlook.  .

Details on these and other activities of the Office are provided on this webpage