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Phase 2: 2003 (First global multi-stakeholder consultation on how to strengthen the scientific base of UNEP)
The GC.22 debate on the proposed intergovernmental panel on global environmental change revealed differences of opinion among Governments and no conclusion was reached on whether the Panel should, or should not, be established. Instead, the 22nd Session endorsed Decision GC.22/1/1A, which requested the Executive Director of UNEP to undertake a multi-stakeholder consultative process to obtain responses to three questions:

Question 1: What are the likely gaps and types of assessment needs with respect to the environment and environmental change?

Question 2: How are the United Nations Environment Programme and other organizations currently meeting those assessment needs?

Question 3: What options exist with respect to meeting any unfulfilled needs that fall within the role and mandate of the United Nations Environment Programme?

The responses also had to take into account eight considerations covering related aspects of global environmental change and the processes in place to address the challenge of monitoring and assessing environmental change at all relevant levels.

In the latter half of 2003 the Executive Director initiated a consultative process with governments, inter-governmental organizations (IGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and scientific institutions (SIs) on ways and means to strengthen the scientific base of UNEP. A detailed questionnaire was circulated to all stakeholders and the responses were analysed, summarised and interpreted in a synthesis report. The synthesis report contained a number of key findings.

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