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Phase 3: 2004 (Conclusions and recommendations of Intergovernmental Consultation)
In January 2004, the Executive Director convened three meetings at UNEP Headquarters, Nairobi, to review and discuss the findings contained in the synthesis report. Different stakeholder groups were involved in these three consultations:

 1. Scientific and Technical Meeting, Nairobi, 12-13 January 2004.

 2. Intergovernmental Consultation, Nairobi, 14-15 January 2004.

 3. Interagency Meeting, Nairobi, 16 January 2004.

The Intergovernmental Consultation suggested that UNEP could be an umbrella for co-ordination of assessment activities by taking periodic stock of assessment activities. It was also recommended that the Executive Director should start an exercise to map the assessment landscape to gain an overview of what was being done in this area. The consultation also identified the need for an assessment of data collection and monitoring methodologies, including cost-effectiveness, standardisation and interoperability of data sets to facilitate exchange of environmental information.

The intergovernmental consultation also reiterated the central role of the GC/GMEF in determining priorities for assessments and monitoring, and the need to strengthen existing mechanisms in a coherent fashion. Options for doing so included setting priorities within the context of development goals in the form of a coherent environmental assessment partnership framework, and exploring the requirements for interactive mechanisms for strengthening the interface between science and policy.

The conclusion regarding the consideration of the intergovernmental panel was that: The consultation confirmed the findings in the synthesis report regarding the present differences in views concerning the establishment of an intergovernmental panel on global environmental change The conclusions and recommendations of the intergovernmental consultation on strengthening the scientific base of UNEP, held in Nairobi on 14-15 January 2004, were presented (in document UNEP/GC.SSVIII/5/Add.4, annex I) at the eighth Special Session (GCSS.VIII) of the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum held in Jeju, Republic of Korea, 29-31 March 2004. Decision SS.VIII/1 II on international environmental governance requested UNEP to evaluate the conclusions and recommendations of the intergovernmental consultation on strengthening the scientific base of UNEP. Furthermore, the decision called upon the Governing Council to review the implementation of the conclusions and recommendations at its twenty-third session (Nairobi, 2005).

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