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  Phase 4: 2005 (Evaluation of the conclusions and recommendations and the proposal of a new framework - Environment Watch)

The evaluation of conclusions and recommendations of the intergovernmental consultation on strengthening the scientific base of UNEP was presented in document UNEP/GC.23/3 and annex I of document UNEP/GC.23/INF/18 prepared for the 23rd session. Given the difference of views on the establishment of an intergovernmental panel on global environmental change, the Executive Director recommended that actions on how to further strengthen the efforts for keeping the environment under review should focus on function rather then institutional form.

Steps to further strengthen the Global Environment Outlook process as recommended by the consultations was presented. This included a presentation of the statement of the Global Intergovernmental and Multi-stakeholder Consultation on the Fourth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-4), Nairobi19 -20 February (doc ref UNEP/GC.23/c). The statement provides recommendations on the scope, outline and process for the GEO4

As the intergovernmental consultation held in January 2004 identified the option of developing a coherent and dynamic framework for keeping the environment under review, the Executive Director proposed a process for the development of the new framework - Environment Watch to further strengthen the scientific base of UNEP. The framework was presented in working document UNEP/GC.23/3 and described in annex 2 of document UNEP/GC.23/INF/18.

A revitalised networking structure was proposed in annex 3 of the same document and the issue of environmental data and statistics was covered in document UNEP/GC.23/INF/15.

The conceptual framework called Environment Watch to UNEPís Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC.23) in February 2005. The 23rd session endorsed decision 23/1, which called upon the Executive Director to further develop the Environment Watch proposal.

GC.23 also endorsed the Bali Strategic Plan on Technology Support and Capacity Building (UNEP/GC.23/6/Add.1), which contained several important references to monitoring, assessment and information for decision-making, all of which are relevant to Environment Watch.

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