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Phase:5 (Second global consultation to further develop the Environment Watch proposal)
By July 2005, the Executive Director initiated a second global consultation with all stakeholders. The Environment Watch proposal was updated and the revised framework was re-structured to consist of five major components:

1. A conceptual framework
2. An information network
3. An assessment compact
4. A capacity building programme
5. A toolbox

In August 2005, the updated proposal on Environment Watch was circulated by the Executive Director to all governments. In addition, the opportunity was seized to conduct a Situation Analysis and Capacity Building Needs Assessment to determine which elements of Environment Watch were already in place worldwide and to identify needs where capacities needed to be strengthened. This needs assessment exercise was undertaken in the context of the Bali Strategic Plan. To view results of the situation analysis and capacity building needs assessment click here.

The updated Environment Watch proposal was also circulated to inter-governmental organizations (IGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and scientific institutions (SIs). To view comments on the Environment watch proposal click here.

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