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Dozens of Countries in the Global South Come Together To Transition to Energy-Efficient Lighting
Working hand in hand with the United Nations Environment Programme, dozens of countries in the global South have come together to share know-how, resources, and best practices around energy-efficient lighting. The en.lighten initiative – a public-private partnership that brings together developing states, lighting companies OSRAM AG and Philips, UNEP, and the Global Environment Facility – is intended to accelerate the transition from conventional incandescent to LED and fluorescent lighting in coming years.

The en.lighten partnership is composed of two related components. The first, the Global Efficient Lighting Partnership, provides support to regulators and officials on the development of sound policies and strategies around efficient lighting. Building the Global Efficient Lighting Partnership, en.lighten is convening regional workshops to allow states to share best practices, know-how, and technical expertise with one another.

This effort is likely to reap large dividends in the years ahead. For instance, the energy savings associated with India fully transitioning from incandescent to energy-efficient lighting would be equivalent to the power needed to electrify 35 million homes. Similarly, a complete phase out of incandescent lighting in the Middle East and North Africa would save the region approximately $3 billion annually.
Story Source Link: http://www.unep.org/south-south-cooperation/case/casedetails.aspx?csno=67