Bertrand Piccard, Suiza
Campeón de la Tierra 2012 - Inspiración y Acción

Más que fijarnos en grandes problemas que parecen inmensurables, tenemos que centrarnos en las soluciones, en la esperanza, en el optimismo.

2008 Laureates

Latin America and The Caribbean

H. E. Liz Thompson

Ms. Thompson has become one of the recognized leaders on environmental issues of the Small Island Developing States.

During her time as Minister of Energy and the Environment of Barbados, she enacted a range of progressive policies for sustainable development and environmental protection. She also became a key voice to raise awareness of global warming in Barbados - a country where the challenges of climate change and conservation are of particular relevance.

Ms. Thompson has also played a role in environmental awareness and protection across the Caribbean region. She has encouraged small island states to diversify their economies, undertake sustainability assessments, and promote community-based programmes that have positive environmental impacts.