Presidente Tshakia Elbegdorj, Mongolia
Campeón de la Tierra 2012 - Liderazgo Político

Como Presidente, tengo una política verde. Ésta se basa en dos pilares: uno es nuestra gente y otro es nuestro medio ambiente.

2009 Laureates (co-winner)

Project Leadership

Mr. Erik Solheim
Minister of the Environment and International Development, Norway

With two cabinet posts under his stewardship, Norway’s Minister of Environment and Minister of Development, Erik Solheim places the environment at the forefront of European politics. As a strong advocate of the integral relationship between environment and development, he has been a key supporter of environmental actions at national and global levels throughout his political career.

Mr. Solheim spearheaded the early implementation of REDD – Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation – with a grant of US$500 million annually. It was also under his leadership that Norway was one of the pioneer members of UNEP’s Climate Neutral Network, catalyzing his country’s action towards a low carbon society.

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