Professor Qu Geping: Co-Winner 1992

Professor Qu Geping, currently Chairman of the Committee of Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation, National People's Congress, was for nine years Administrator of the National Environmental Protection Agency of The People's Republic of China.
His outstanding contributions in promoting and supporting environmental protection in China have been exemplary.

In a country where industry is still largely underdeveloped, he has, for more than 15 years, been instrumental in putting forward measures designed to integrate environmental protection policies within economic and industrial development strategies. His work has embraced environmental management, legislation, education and industrial pollution prevention and reduction. Through his activities as a lecturer, broadcaster and publisher of many papers he has increased the level of environmental awareness throughout the vast territory of China.

A believer in scientific and technological solutions to environmental problems, Professor Geping's response to the serious environmental problems facing the industrialization of China has been practical and realistic and has served as an example to other developing countries.

The Prize Selection Committee described the 1992 shared award as drawing attention "to the problems caused by rampant and careless industrialization faced by the countries of the newly created Commonwealth of Independent States, and to the challenges of emerging industrialization now being experienced by China, the world's most populous country".

Professor Qu Geping, was also the Director-General of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Ministry of Urban and Rural Construction and Environmental Protection and Vice Chairman of the Leading Group of Environmental Protection under the State Council of China.

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Chairman, Committee of Environmental and National Resource Conservation
National People's Congress
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The People's Republic of China

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