Professor Gilbert White: Co-winner 1985

As a member of many advisory groups concerned with greenhouse gases, nuclear waste disposal, water, and man's relationship with the biosphere, Professor Gilbert White continues to strive to promote understanding of the implications for human welfare of basic environmental processes.Perhaps his most significant contribution in the field of the environment has been his work on the behavioural aspects of natural hazards research.

He has been Director of the Natural Hazards Research Applications and Information Center at Colorado University, President of Haverford College, Professor of Geography at Chicago and Colorado Universities and a visiting Professor at Oxford University in England. He has been active in floodplain management and domestic water usage in developing countries and has collaborated extensively with UNEP, the United Nations Integrated River Development scheme, and in the World Bank programmes for water and urban poor.

Contact Address:

Professor Gilbert White
Director, Institute of Behavioural Science
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado 80309
United States of America

Tel: (303) 492 6311