Ian Bruce Carrick Kiernan: Winner 1998

Mr. Ian Kiernan has communicated in the most visible way and to the world at large, the need to protect the environment.His is a true global success story, which gives credence to the belief that one person can make a difference. Who would have thought that when he embarked on a solo journey by sail around the globe in 1987, that he would have captured the imagination of so many and single-handedly done so much to arrest environmental degradation.

As the founder and force behind the Clean Up the World Campaign, Mr. Kiernan has brought together more than 40 million people from more than 120 countries in a progressive clean-up effort. First Sydney Habour, then Australia and then the World. The results of the Campaign have been wide-ranging, not only in terms of public participation, increased awareness and the removal and disposal of rubbish, but also in helping to bring about long-term improvement to waste management and policies. Since the launch of the Clean Up the World in 1993, an estimated 150 million people from every corner of the globe have come together in an inspirational example of community spirit and international cooperation.

Mr. Kiernan has clearly demonstrated that ordinary people - men, women and young people alike - have it in their hands to contribute substantially to a better quality of life for themselves and their communities.

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Ian Bruce Carrick Kiernan
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