Dr. Michel Batisse: Winner 2000

Dr. Michel Batisse's professional life has been devoted to the conservation of the Earth's natural resources. He has been the architect and promoter of some of the most innovative and significant environmental research and training programmes conducted at the global and regional level.He has always used his talent and knowledge to bring large numbers of scientists together to work on common environmental objectives of major importance to humankind.

One of his greatest contributions was the organization of the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Conference in Paris in 1968 a pioneering event which paved the way for the 1972 Stockholm Conference and which advocated what would become known as Sustainable Development. The MAB Conference resulted in the establishement of biosphere reserves where the conservation of biological diversity is combined with research, monitoring and education. These areas are recognized today as the best way of implementing sustainable development and preserving biodiversity in cooperation with local communities. The world network of biosphere reserves now comprise some 368 sites in 91 countries. He is the driving force behind the Mediterranean Blue Plan where all bordering countries and the European Union cooperate towards sustainable development in this crucial region.

Since 1989, he has been on the Board of Directors of Conservation International, a Washington-based organization, which promotes innovative approaches to conservation, particularly as they relate to tropical forests, so as to ensure appropiate participation and economic benefits for local people. Dr. Batisse is an Officer of the French Legion of Honour, a recipient of IUCN's John Phillips Medal and of UNEP's Global 500 Award.

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