Mweka College of African Wildlife Management: Winner 1986

Virtually every east and central African national park has on its staff graduates from the Mweka College in the United Republic of Tanzania.
Sensitive and skilled management is needed for Africa's wildlife population to be sustained as an economic and ecological resource and it was to this end that the College was established in 1963. Today, it runs full-time courses in natural sciences, wildlife management and estate management, and produces a ready and replenishable local source of expertise in wildlife and national park management. There have been more than 1000 graduates from at least 15 African nations.

Mweka College operates under the auspices of the Tanzania Ministry of National Resources and Tourism, with funding mainly from fees paid by governments and other bodies to support students at the college and with further assistance provided by UNEP and other international organizations.

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Mweka College of African Wildlife Management
P. O. Box 3031
United Republic of Tanzania

Tel: c/o Kibosho 18