Norman Myers and Peter Raven: Co-Winners 1995

Dr. Norman Myers and Dr. Peter Raven have been leaders in the environmental field for more than a quarter of a century. Each, in his own way, has worked tirelessly to address two major environmental problems: tropical forests and biological diversity. Over the years, they have broadened the scope of their activities to include population, poverty, desertification, global warming, consumption patterns, environmental economics and the North/South dialogue. They have each won a number of awards, and in 1992, their work was once again recognized when they shared the Volvo Environment Prize.

In the early 1970s, Dr. Myers and Dr. Raven undertook detailed research which demonstrated that humankind was indeed witnessing the mass extinction of species, among other forms of biodepletion. They immediately took their findings, together with a set of recommendations, to scientific and environmental leaders of major governments, in both developing and developed countries, and to a host of international agencies. As a result, the two problems which they decided to tackle became firmly established on the global agenda.

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Dr. Peter Raven
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