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2008 Global Forum for Sport and Environment (G-ForSE)


First Plenary Session: Greening Sport: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Speaker: Mr. Ken Baker, Consulting Director, Environmental Sustainability, Vancouver Organizing Committee
    Topic: Vancouver 2010 Games and Public Engagement. download (zip -14.5MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Lo Sze Ping, Greenpeace Campaign Director, China
    Topic: China After the Olympics: Lessons from Beijing. download (zip - 572KB) »

  • Speaker: Ms. Jenitha Badul, Director, Greening FIFA 2010 World Cup, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, South Africa
    Topic: South Africa 2010. download (zip - 4.53MB) »

  • Speaker: Ms. Natalia Onishenko, Advisor on Ecology to the Vice President, Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee
    Topic: Sochi 2014
    download (zip - 8.33MB) »

Second Plenary Session : Commitments of Sport Organizations to Climate Change

  • Speaker: Mr. Jules de Heer, Senior Consultant on Sport and the Environment,
    Topic: The “Ice Bear Rules” on Sports Event and Climate Issues
    download (zip - 9.83MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Jonathan Smith, Chief Officer, Golf Environment Organization
    Topic: Golf Organizations and Climate Change
    download (zip - 28.9MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Svein Elgvin, Safety and Environmental Officer, Norwegian Grand Prix
    Topic: Carbon Offset Programme of the Norwegian Grand Prix
    download (zip - 18.5MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Hartmut Stahl, Project Manager Green Goal, FIFA 2006 World Cup and Lorraine Gerrans
    Topic: Striving for Climate Neutral FIFA World Cup: From Germany 2006 to South Africa 2010
    download (zip - 11.6MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Gerard Mistler, President, Ardechoise
    Topic: Climate Neutral Sport – Cycling for All
    download (zip - 10.8MB) »

Third Plenary Session : Sport Events and Climate Change

  • Speaker: Mr. Geraint John, Senior Consultant, HoK Sport and Architecture
    Topic: Designing Venues that Integrate Carbon Mitigations
    download (zip - 4.1MB) »

  • Speaker: Ms. Jane Poynter, Director, Global Sports Alliance-USA
    Topic: Carbon Offset Using Local Sport Events
    download (zip - 3MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Robbert de Kock, Secretary General, World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry
    Topic: The Sporting Goods Industry and Climate Change
    download (zip - 2.6MB)

  • Speaker: Mr. Alexis Gallice, President, B.I.E
    Topic: The Impact of Climate Change on Ski Resorts
    download (zip - 26.7MB) »

  • Speaker: Craig Simmons, Technical Director, Best Foot Forward Ltd.
    Topic: Measuring and Managing London 2012 Carbon Footprint
    download (zip - 26.7MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Joao Gilberto Vaz, Managing Director, X-Strategia Sports Group
    Topic: Biogol
    download (zip - 5MB) »

Fourth Plenary Session : Raising Public Awareness on the Environment and Climate Change through Sport

  • Speaker: Mr. Knut Frostad, CEO, Volvo Ocean Race
    Topic: The Volvo Ocean Race and Environmental Awareness
    download (zip - 1MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Ken Baker, Consulting Director, Environmental Sustainability, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Organizing Committee
    Topic: Vancouver 2010 Games and Public Engagement
    download (zip - 2.8MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Conrad Humphreys, CEO, Sport Environment
    Topic: Beyond Awareness, Can Sport Engage People on Environmental Issues
    download (zip - 6.84MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Enrico Muratore, Peace and Sport Organization
    Topic: Sports as an Effective Tool to Educate Youth to Respect the Environment
    download (zip - 3.4MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Raphael Bouju, Coordinator Environmental Network, International Sport and Culture Organization
    Topic:Promoting Environmental Actions through Sport and Culture
    download (zip - 700KB) »

  • Speaker: Alberto Fraguas, Executive Director, Green Cross Spain
    Topic: Sport and Environmental Sustainability in Spain
    download (zip - 10.4MB) »

  • Speaker: Mr. Tatsuo Okada, Executive Director, GSA
    Topic: Promoting Environmental Awareness through the EcoFlag Movement
    download (zip - 18.5MB) »

Closing Session

  • Speaker: Miranda Kiuri
    Topic: Solutions for Climate Change through Sport and the way forward – “The Alicante Declaration on Sport and Climate Change”
    download (zip - 8.7MB) »




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