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About the Expo

The Global South- South Development Expo hosted by UNEP was in its own right a success documented across the world as the first ever to be hosted in the South, Kenya bragging as the first African country to host such a high level event on a global scale. During the five day event participants from across the continents gathered in Nairobi to discuss the future.

The Expo brought together high-level policymakers, solution providers, solution seekers and solution supporters; Expo 2013 was an occasion to demonstrate the global collective response to relevant provisions of the Rio+20 outcome and its capacity to facilitate South-South Cooperation and an exchange of experiences with green economies.

As a result, over $US 400 was pledged towards causes that are bound to change the world for the better. The exhibition pavilion provided a serene environment where exhibitors created a marketplace of solutions that bring together providers, seekers, partners and sponsors. The virtual expo did in fact prove to be very effective with millions of participants across the globe following the Expo online.

The expo involved among other sessions the Leadership Round Table - which was an interactive dialogue between high level policy makers on critical themes of development - and a series of solutions exchange forums which covered the building of inclusive green economies, clean technology and green industry, agriculture and food security, sustainable development and decent work, environment, sustainable development and poverty eradication.

You can still make your contribution as the virtual Expo is still on and active.

More information on Expo2013 can be found here.