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  • Report on a Green and Climate Neutral GC25/GMEF
  • In February 2009 the 25th session of UNEP’s Governing Council/Global Ministerial Forum (GC25/GMEF) took place. The climate footprint of the event was calculated to a total of 2,973 tonnes of CO2 equivalents (greenhouse gases). 12 % of these emissions (379 tonnes of CO2 eqv) were caused by activities which were paid by UNEP. UNEP procures offsets to compensate for the emissions caused by UNEP, i.e. 12% of the emissions caused at the event. The rest of the emissions came from air travels where the delegates paid for their own travel, and they were encouraged to arrange their own offsetting. The emissions at GC/GMEF are equal to 3 % of the total UNEP greenhouse gas emission in 2008. Click here to read the report

  • Introducing Step by Step
  • UN STEP BY STEPStep by Step is a group of enthusiastic volunteers working within the Girgiri UN Compound in Nairobi. At the moment, colleagues from UNON, UN Habitat and UNEP are involved. "What connects us is involvement with the environment. We believe that we can change our compound to a sustainable working environment Step by Step" learn More >>


  • Green Office Competition in 2010
  • Next year the stock-taking exercise will be turned into a Green Office Competition between all offices, and held annually on World Environment Day. Let’s see who the winner will be!

    In the mean time, we would like to encourage you to keep your office as environmentally friendly as possible. Be an active part of all the greening activities that are going on within the UN!!

    In addition to the stock-taking exercise Step by Step has initiated the following activities:

  • Future activities
  • Step by Step is also working with UNON to install motion sensor lights and dual flush systems in all bathrooms. We also collaborate with the Cafeterias and coffee stations on the compound to phase out all plastic cups and aluminum wrapping. And, we will provide coffee stations with extra buckets to collect organic waste separately from other waste.

    Your help is needed

    Although this should go without saying: Step by Step only has limited capacities. Greening the compound really depends on each and every staff member. So, don't forget: the aggregate is made up of all individual contributions and yours counts too!