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  • UNEP Receives Nomination from Kenya Association of Manufacturers for NOF
  • The New Office Facility (NOF) has been nominated by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers for an Energy Management Awards (EMA) in the category of Green Buildings.
    This is the 8th annual EMA that aims to recognize enterprises and groups that have made major and sustainable gains in energy efficiency through the application of modern energy management principles and practices.
    The awards ceremony will take place on Friday 30 March at the Intercontinental Hotel. Keep your fingers crossed!

  • NOF’s Solar Panels
  • You may have walked up the stairs of NOF unto the roof and seen the sea of solar panels facing heaven’s ward absorbing the rays of the SUN. If not, you must have seen the display panel at UNEP’s entrance to NOF, showing how much power is being generated and how many kilograms of carbon we have offset.
    NOF’s solar array, rated at 515 kW, went on-line in March 2011, and although there was a ramping up process and teething problems initially and a gloomy and overcast October and November 2011; in this first year, we have produced some 650,000 kWh of electricity and mitigated some 350 tons of carbon dioxide. In economic terms this is about some 10 million Kenya shillings (or US$ 120,000).
    With proper maintenance, better weather and additional technology, we hope to hit a figure of 750 kWh for 2012. This sum of energy, with the exception of the server room energy usage in NOF (that will hopefully be moved to the super efficient IT pack), will make NOF energy neutral over the year.

  • IT Server Pack
  • In the green grass behind the NOF, you will notice a small white container-like object, akin to a meat locker: this is the state of the art IT server pack donated to UNEP by the Microsoft Cooperation. While very simple and rudimentary, the IT pack is designed to hold a number of servers, provide them with electricity, fibre optic output and cooling requirements. The latter it does by drawing air through a front vent, passing it through an air filter, blowing it through a curtain of water for cooling (on very hot days) and then diffusing it in the IT pack and over the hot servers to reduce their temperature. The exhaust of the hot air is the achieved by fans that create a negative pressure in the unit. The whole pack is very well insulated and may be able to reduce our server room air-conditioning bills drastically. But for the time being, UNEP and UNON are operating the pack experimentally to see how it performs.