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UNEPís Global Initiative on Marine Litter
• Marine Litter (ML) is found in all oceans and seas
• ML travels long distances from the sources of input – it is a transboundary issue
• ML originates from many sources, both land-based sources and marine sources – it is a multi-sectoral issue. It cannot be solved by addressing one sector only
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United Nations Environment Programme DAMS AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (DDP)
DDP can assist interested countries and organisations in developing broad-based recommendations on normative frameworks to improve decision-making on dams and their alternatives through multistakeholder dialogue processes.
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Rainwater & the MDGs Booklet
The primary aim of this publication is to create awareness among governments, donors, UN agencies and other relevant stakeholders on the contribution of rainwater harvesting to improving the livelihoods of people worldwide.
Introduction - Case Studies - Rainwater Harvesting & Disaster Management
UNEP Support for Achieving the 2005 IWRM Target
Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) provides a useful framework for governments and other stakeholders to manage their water resources as an integrated part of policies related to water in different sectors of society. [Download pdf - 0.4MB]