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DHL/Deutsche Post

GoGreen and carbon management

DHL/Deutsche Post have introduced a range of GoGreen products in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Through this initiative, a range of freight services that are low-carbon or carbon-neutral are available.

How does it work?

In order to ensure that GoGreen packages are indeed low-carbon or carbon neutral, DHL/Deutsche Post have introduced a carbon management system. The carbon management system tracks how many carbon credits are needed to fulfil carbon neutral or low carbon freight service requirements.

These carbon credits generated by DHL/Deutsche Post are 'transferred' through several carbon-reducing projects. With GoGreen, shipping is either carried out through their growing fleet of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, or transport-related emissions of carbon dioxide are offset by a combination of internal and external initiatives, in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol's guidance on carbon trading.

The carbon-reducing projects within the fleet include activities such as:

  • Introduction of hybrid delivery trucks in Germany and Japan
  • Blending regular fuels with biofuels when ever possible
  • Introduction of biogas vehicles in Sweden and Switzerland
  • Testing of fuel cell vehicles in Japan

Activities undertaken around the world include:

  • Reforestation projects in the Amazon basin
  • Solar energy projects in Germany
  • Methane capture projects in Germany
  • Small-scale solar projects in India and Sri Lanka

This programme will be expanded to other countries and with additional products and services available in the near future.