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Jakarta’s inspection and maintenance programme

In Jakarta, Indonesia, an inspection and maintenance (I/M) programme has been developed through co-operation between nine bus companies and Swiss contact, the development organisation of the Swiss private business sector. The programme measures exhaust opacity, as well as checks vehicle engines for excessive smoke and other types of malfunction.

In order to be successful, the programme also has an education element. Education is aimed at raising awareness among technicians and drivers about environmental issues, as well as providing technical training regarding proper inspections and maintenance. The education element also includes fuel-saving and safe driving.

In total, over 13 000 buses were tested in 2001 and 2002 through the programme. In addition, 89 technicians and 1372 drivers were trained. Measures found to be easily addressed include cleaning air filters, adjusting fuel injection timing and injection nozzle pressure, and calibrating the fuel injection pump. In some cases, air filters and injection nozzles had to be replaced.

Through these better regular maintenance practices, a 30% reduction of diesel soot and a 5% decrease in fuel consumption were attained. Moreover, another 10% decrease in fuel consumption was achieved through proper driving. Approximately one-third of the vehicles failed the inspection, but over 80% of these vehicles could be repaired without any additional cost. The testing method – a free acceleration emissions test to measure smoke opacity – is a simple and somewhat accurate test, but can indicate if the engine is malfunctioning.

The programme started out with two bus companies, but as the economic benefits of joining the programme became apparent, by the end of the programme, there were nine companies on board. For more information, please go to http://www.segarjakartaku.or.id