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Vehicles emit air pollutants that are harmful to human health and the environment:


The transport sector is one of the main sources of pollutants in the world. Tool 1 provides an introduction to vehicular air pollutants. Tool 2 provides background information on the relationship between vehicle characteristics, fuel quality, and emissions.

     Photo: Max Ahman

Air pollution affects your health:

The World Health Organisation estimates that 800,000 people die prematurely every year due to urban air pollution and 6.4 million years of life are lost. Tool 3 describes and explains these health effects; Tool 4 provides examples of the human health impacts of poor air quality in selected cities.

Air pollution affects natural and built environments:

Emissions from transport negatively impact physical surroundings, which in turn affects human livelihoods. Tool 5 describes air pollutants and provides information on how they affect these environments.

Transport emissions contribute to climate change:

Climate change is the most serious long-term environmental threat facing the world. Tool 6 provides an explanation of how climate change works, and describes the various sources of greenhouse gases and the effects of climate change

Photo: KCND