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Welcome to the UNEP/TNT Toolkit for Clean Fleet Strategy Development

This Toolkit will help you develop a strategy for reducing the envrionmental impacts of your fleet. To develop your own fleet strategy you need to follow the steps below. Start with opening the Step by Step action plan on this homepage. The Tools will provide information and will allow you to go through the Step by Step actions plan and thus develop your own strategy.


UNEP and Fleet Forum Train 4 UN Agencies in Cleaner Fleet Management


TNT Turkey Expands Clean Fleet Management

Following the 2006 training for cleaner fleet management using the UNEP Cleaner Fleet Management toolkit, TNT Turkey continues to expand its fleet management efforts to save fuel costs and lower emissions. A Clean Vehicle team and e-bulletin has been formed within the organization and in 2009 a training for sales territory managers and new drivers in eco driving. In addition, GPS equipment will be installed to monitor routing efficiency of delivery vehicles and analyze more efficient routes. The TNT Turkey website (Turkish language only) also publishes the company’s monthly CO2 figures. http://gezegenbenim.tnt.com.tr/TemizArac.aspx